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Weird Al’s Word Crimes

I have always loved Weird Al Yankovic, but it’s honestly been a while since I listened to anything he’s done, but with the new album out, I accidentally ran across his video for #wordcrimes - and it’s hysterical.

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T-shirt design by Mark Texeira for upcoming Boston con in August.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Stan Lee

The dude is legendary. I rarely, if ever, am star struck, but getting to meet Stan…All I can say is excelsior!

Posted 2 weeks ago

50 Years of Doctor Who

50 Years of Doctor Who

I’ve watched 50 years of the Doctor! Two years ago I started a quest to watch every Doctor Who episode available digitally, on DVD or VHS. In order. Including the Peter Cushing movies. I tried to finish before The Day of the Doctor, but didn’t quite make it. I am relieved to say I’ve just accomplished this rather dubious goal.

Single best episode? The Five Doctors. Brilliantly good.


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Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted 2 weeks ago

Happy 4th if July!

Posted 1 month ago

Latest pages for A Hero’s Death. Artist Mark Texeira.

Posted 1 month ago

Videogames museum exhibit at E3. All the games you will be playing next year on display, but this is my favorite thing.

Posted 1 month ago

Marx Flashy Flickers projection gun.

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Batman and Riddler

What’s wrong with this picture?